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The Southern Africa Gender Protocol Alliance is a regional “network of networks” that championed the adoption of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development (2008). The Alliance network is made up of 15 country networks comprising of different Alliance focal point organisations which are highlighted in blue circles as indicated above.

The SADC Gender Protocol Alliance lobbied and advocated for the review of the 2008 SADC Protocol on Gender and Development.  In June 2016, the new SADC Protocol on Gender and Development was adopted. The new Protocol was aligned to the SDGs, the AU Agenda 2063, Beijing Plus Twenty Review and cross referenced with other SADC Protocols. The section on economic justice is cross-referenced with the Protocol on Employment and Labour. The SADC Industrialisation Strategy, a key reference document for the revised Protocol, recognises gender equality as central to the region’s industrialisation efforts.

The 2016 Protocol includes eight key clauses from the SDGs that covers amongst others access to resources, services, ownership, unpaid and domestic work as well as increasing women’s representation in economic decision making. The Gender Protocol goes further and provides targets on shared household responsibilities; equal pay, social protections and special measures to increase women’s participation in the economy.

Gender Links as an entity also partnered with other organizations that share the same goals such as Sonke Gender Justice, Gender CC, VSO RAISA, SAFAIDS, ZWWRCN, WIPSU and WILSA. The Southern Africa Gender Protocol Alliance therefore advocates for gender transformation, social justice, women empowerment and safety, poverty eradication, gender equity and equality only to mention a few among many other advocated issues.

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