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The Southern Africa Gender Protocol Alliance is a regional “network of networks” that championed the adoption of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development (2008). Since then, the Alliance has produced an annual Barometer to track progress in achieving gender equality in the SADC region against the targets of the Protocol. In 2009, the Alliance launched the Action and Results campaign for the implementation of the Protocol.  In 2014, the Alliance mounted a campaign for the Protocol to be updated in line with the Post 2015 Agenda. With its slogan, Yes we can!  the Alliance has managed to get 9 of the 15 SADC Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries to ratify the Protocol and continues to work hard seeing to it that the remaining 6 countries sign and ratify the Protocol. Comprising country focal networks; theme and interest group clusters, the Alliance produces case studies of the Protocol@work.  Download the publication Roadmap to equality: Lessons learned in the campaign for a SADC Protocol on Gender and Development

Key achievements of the Southern Africa Gender Protocol Alliance

  • Demanding accountability: Mobilising for the signing and ratification of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development, the only sub-regional instrument of its kind that brings together all existing commitments to gender equality in one instrument with 28 time- bound targets.
  • Coalition building and strengthening civil society: Galvanising the women’s movement through national focal networks, theme clusters and interest groups. Representing the gender sector in the SADC Congress of NGOs and mainstreaming gender in the work of this regional lobby network.
  • Advocacy and awareness raising through distributing multi-media IEC materials in 23 local languages; village workshops; radio spots; a DVD and interactive engagements in all SADC countries whose impact is measured through a knowledge quiz available on the website.
  • Implementation: The Alliance has conducted pioneering research on aligning national gender policies and action plans with the targets of the Protocol and costing implementation at national level. The Alliance is working with the SADC Gender Unit on a road map for implementing the Protocol agreed by gender ministers in 2011.
  • Monitoring and evaluation through the monthly Roadmap to Equality newsletter; annual Southern Africa Gender Protocol Barometer that tracks implementation of the 28 targets and several case studies of the Protocol@work. In 2011 the Alliance introduced the Southern Africa Gender and Development Index (SGDI): an empirical measure of how countries are performing as a baseline against which progress towards the 2015 targets can be measured.

 How we work

websiteThe SADC Gender Protocol Alliance comprises of 15 countries and 9 regional networks each with a representative on the steering committee that meets annually in the wings of the SADC Heads of State Summit, and through periodic teleconferences. Sector groups hold meetings linked to key events and conferences in their areas of work. The Alliance is led by an elected Chairperson and Executive Committee. Gender Links as the coordinating NGO provides the secretariat. In 2013, the Alliance adopted a concentric structure, with the Secretariat at the centre, the Alliance Executive Committee, 15 national networks, and five regional theme clusters.

The Alliance has held several meetings to plan and strategise its work at a national, regional and global level. The Alliance work has been documented in a book, and DVD, Roadmap to Equality.

Year Meeting Level
2016 CSW 60, March 2016 International
2015 SADC Gender Protocol Review Meeting

Gender Ministers meeting, May 2015

2015 CSW 59, March 2015 International
2014 SADC Gender Protocol Alliance meeting report, May 2014 Institutional
2014 Gender Ministers meeting, July 2014

Civil Society meeting forum, July 2014

2014 CSW 58, March 2014 International
2013 Alliance regional strategy meeting, April 2013 Institutional
2013 Heads of State Summit news supplement, August 2013 Regional
2913 CSW 57 March 2013 International
2013 Botswana








2012 SADC Gender Protocol Alliance meeting report, August 2012 Institutional
2012 Roadmap to SADC Heads of State Summit, August 2012 Regional


Village level workshops on the SADC Protocol on gender and development, 2011- 2012 Local
2011 Alliance annual meeting, 10-11 August 2011

Governance cluster meeting and relaunch of 50/50 campaign, 4-5 August 2011

Alliance Steering committee meeting, 30 March 2011

2011 Communique: Meeting of SADC Ministers, 2 June 2011

Protocol Researcher’s Meeting, 29 March 2011

Costing implementation of the SADC Gender and Development Protocol, Report of think tank meeting, February 2011

2011 Measuring impact:knowledge of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development

Village level workshops on SADC Gender Protocol, July 2010 – June 2011

2010 SADC Protocol Alliance Meeting, 12-16 August 2010 Institutional
2010 Southern Africa pre-Beijing caucus report, 4-6 February 2010

Southern Africa Beijing Plus Fifteen draft position paper

2010 SADC Gender Protocol Village level workshops Local
2009 Report of the Alliance Strategy Review Meeting, March 15 – 18 March 2009 Institutional
2009 Report, Heads of State Summit,September 2009 Regional
2008 Report of the Alliance Strategy Meeting, August 2008

Southern Africa Gender Protocol Alliance meeting,   29th – 31st January 2008

2008 Report, Heads of State summit, Jan – August 2008

Report, Heads of State Summit,September 2009

2007 Report on civil society lobbying and advocacy activities and capacity building, March 2007- April 2008 Regional
2007 Heads of State meeting, August 2007 Regional
2006 Task force meeting, September 2006 Institutional