Country network

The Alliance works through 15 focal networks in each of the SADC countries- Lusophone, Francophone and Anglophone. These consist in some cases of the gender sector of the country umbrella bodies of civil society i.e. Botswana Council of NGOs in Botswana, Coordinating assembly of NGOs is Swaziland and Namibia Non-Governmental Organisations Forum in Namibia. Some SADC countries have women’s rights networks, such as (Platforma da Mulheres Accoa in Angola, Forum Muhler in Mozambique, NGO Gender Coordinating Network in Malawi, Federation Pour la Promotion Feminine et Enfantine in Madagascar, South African Women in Dialogue in South Africa, Women in Law Southern Africa for Zambia and Lesotho and Women’s Coalition in Zimbabwe). The country Alliance networks are led by chairpersons and executive directors of each country representative network that brings together national theme groups.

Country Focal Network Contact E Mail Contact number
Angola Platform da Mulheres Accao
Botswana Botswana Council of NGO’s BOCONGO
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Union Congolaise des Femmes des Medias – GEMSA (UCOFEM – GEMSA)
Lesotho WLSA – Lesotho
Madagascar FPFE (Fédération Pour la Promotion Féminine et Enfantine) – GEMSA
Malawi NGO Gender Coordination Network
Mauritius MWO (Media Watch Organisation) – GEMSA
Mozambique Forum Muhler
Namibia NANGOF
Seychelles GEMPLUS – GEMSA
South Africa SAWID
Swaziland Coordinating Assembly of Non-Governmental Organisations
Tanzania Tanzania Gender Networking Programme>
Zambia Women in Law Southern Africa
Zimbabwe Women’s Coalition