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Gender Links is part of the International Idea-led consortium of six organisations implementing the: Enhancing the Inclusion of Women in Political Participation in Africa. The five other organisations in the consortium are FAWE, FEMNET, IFAN – Gender Laboratory, PADARE, and WLSA. The consortium focuses on eight African countries namely Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo,  Eswatini, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The project is funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Ethiopia, with  the overall goal to increasing the political representation and participation of women in the SADC region and in Africa in line with the Maputo Protocol of 2003, the revised SADC Protocol on Gender and Development of 2015, various sub-regional protocols and standards and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). GL is in the second phase of implementing this project. In this phase GL and partners in the consortium are focusing on knowledge generation, documentation and dissemination; Training and capacity strengthening;  advocacy and outreach  as well as conducting policy and political dialogues.

Under the Knowledge Generation, Documentation and Dissemination, GL will administer the WPP  Attitude survey to check the attitudes and perceptions of different sections of society towards women’s leadership  and participation in  political processes. Take the WPP survey







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