Last election Next elections Electoral system No of seats No of women % Women
Local government 2019 2024 FPTP 609 111 18%
2019 2024 FPTP 63 7 11%
Cabinet 2019 2024 Appointment by the President 24 6 25%

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Policy briefs and Situational Analysis
2021 Situation analysis of Women’s Political Participation in Botswana
2019 Policy Brief
Election reports
2019 Pre-Elections report
2009 Post-elections report
Press releases 
Jul 2022: Women Speak Out present submission to Dibotelo Commission
Apr 2022: Botswana: The Constitution – Women Speak Out 
Nov 2019: Gender parity still a distant dream
Oct 2019: Botswana women MPs set to drop further in elections
April 2018: 5050 missed in cabinet reshuffle
Nov 2014: Women’s fight for equal representation
Training reports
2020 Women in Politics Training report in Palapye
2019 Training for MPs and Council candidates
2014 Women in Decision Making training report
Other reports
Oct 2014: Video 5050 remains understated
Botswana Women in Politics Fact Sheet
Laws & Policies 
Submission to the Commission of Inquiry into the Review of the Constitution
Gender Policy
Electoral Act
Local Government Act
Key partners
Gender Affairs Department
Gender Commission
International Idea
African Women Development Fund
European Union