General resources
UN Women Gender and Elections Overview Paper
Election results press release template
Gender and Elections Project Narrative

Gender and Elections Checklist
5050 Policy Brief Template
Gender and Governance Barometer Outline
Latest Governance Barometer Chapter
East African Community Barometer

Capacity Building/Training
LG Training manual
Gender and Elections SADC Lessons PowerPoint
Gender and Quotas Power Point
Strategy/Action plan template
Parliamentarians level training manual
Gender and Elections Media training manual
Women in Politics PowerPoint
Gender and Quotas PowerPoint

Gender and Elections Missions
Mission Concept note template
Invitation letter for experts template
Programme template
Mission report template
Mission action plan

Monitoring and Evaluation  
Workshop Registration form
Workshop contact form
Workshop Evaluation hard copy
Workshop evaluation – online
Alliance Standard Pack Provide links for surveys and reports
Gender attitude survey online Gender attitude survey report
SADC Gender Protocol Quiz online SADC Gender Protocol Quiz report
SADC Gender Protocol Citizen Score Card online SADC Gender Protocol Citizen Score Card report
Data sources for Women in Political Participation

Communication and Key Partners
Social media
Key Partners