Resource development and dissemination is integral to advocacy. Over the past ten years the Alliance has produced official logos, posters, protocol pamphlets, fact sheets, and policy briefs. The Alliance takes pride in its resource development efforts because it not only serves as educational materials but also serves to elevate the identity and legitimacy of the Alliance. Members of the Alliance are encouraged to download, print and disseminate the resources here.


Alliance hi-res logo

SADC Barometer Hi-res logo
Voice and Choice hi-res logos in English, French and Portuguese

2018 Banner

Revised SADC Gender Protocol

Social media graphics
Introduction to GL social media (PDF)
August tweets themes (PDF)
August tweets graphics
September tweets graphics
2018 T Shirts
T-shirt (PDF)
T-shirt front (PSD)
T-shirt back English (PSD)
T-shirt back French (PSD)
T-shirt Back Portuguese (PSD)

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Pamphlet, posters and Logo
Hi-res logo
Poster – The SADC Gender and Development protocol
Poster – 1/2 Gender Violence by 2015; Logo Download
Pamphlet –
Alliance pamphlet
SADC Protocol

English – pamphlet
French pamphlet
Portuguese pamphlet

Indigenous country pamphlets


English – Roadmap to Equality: DVD on the Southern Africa Protocol on Gender and Development

French – La Feuille deroute pour legalite


Ratification Resource Kit

Roadmap to equality: lessons learned in the campaign for a SADC protocol on gender and development

Radio Spots

Together We Can End Human Trafficking Radio Spots

Score a Goal for Gender Equality! radio features

Head of State summit supplements

Supplement 2010
Supplement 2007

Supplement 2006

Fact Sheets

Gender and Governance; Gender based violence; Media, information and communication; Health and HIV and AIDS; Constitutional / legal rights; Download


2005: Fact sheets for the campaign.
2005: Background papers on the ten campaign themes.