Scoring another goal for gender equality, the 2019 SADC Gender Protocol Barometer breaks with past tradition in focusing solely on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Measuring 100 indicators across seven themes, the Barometer is the first civil society shadow report on SADC’s new SRHR Strategy Score Card, ranking countries based on their performance, while offering detailed analysis and insights into what is changing and still needs to change. The no-hold-barred #VoiceandChoice Barometer features the first stand-along chapters on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Safe Abortion, and Sexual Diversity. It provides the data that underpins 40 national campaigns led the focal networks of the Southern African Gender Protocol Alliance, and 174 local campaigns led by the Centres of Excellence for Gender in Local Government. A must read for all those committed to Action and Results for Agenda 2030 in the SADC region.

Download the Barometer 2019 Executive Summary in English, French and Portuguese. You can purchase the full barometer in our eShop.  View the campaigns. Watch the regional Barometer launch video.

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Ch 1: Introduction Download
Ch 2: Sexual and reproductive health Download
Ch 3: Adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights Download
Ch 4: Safe abortion Download
Ch 5: HIV and AIDS Download
Ch 6: Gender-based violence Download
Ch 7: Harmful practices Download
Ch 8: Sexual diversity Download