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Country Action plans

Botswana Download Councillor and youth commissioner campaigns for CSE
DRC Download
ESwatini Young Women’s Alliance make themselves heard
Lesotho Demystify sexual education in secondary schools Lesotho’s need to include SRHR in its curriculum


Teachers bad attitude towards sex eduation

Madagascar Download Andoharanomaitso commits to comprehensive SRHR services Madagascar: Antanamitarana

Madagascar: Goup les des imaux

Madagascar: Audrila

Malawi Teenage pregnancy fuelling poverty


Life skills education inadequate

Mauritius Mauritius: Local gov SRHR
Mozambique Mozambique: SRHR
Namibia Download Schools urged to embrace CSE curriculum
Seychelles Download Championing SRHR through social media Video: MP Regina Esprano on sex education
South Africa Video: Polokwane


Migrant teenage girls drawn to sex at a young age

Tanzania Download Long walks fuelling teenage pregnancies


Border trade and teenage pregnancies

Zimbabwe Download Junior Councils in Zimbabwe – “Anything for us without us is against us!” Teenage pregnancies threaten girls’ future