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The Alliance is forging strategic links with LGBTI organisations across the SADC region. Read GL’s policy brief on LGBTI. At a ground breaking LGBTI strategy meeting in April 2019, LGBTI organisations trained the Alliance and Media partners on SRHR including on sexual orientation and gender diversity. The meeting devised strategies for challenging trans and homophobia in their respective countries. With support from Amplify Change, the Alliance will be working to enhance the institutional capacity of the LGBTI organisations and to engage in advocacy campaigns in line with the country action plans.

Read more about the objectives, background, purpose, outputs and outcomes of the training conducted in April 2019. Meeting documents can be accessed here. To read media stories being produced as part of this series click here, and tick News under Sections and LGBTI under the pulldown menu, THEMES. Learn more about the SADC Protocol@Work summits.
Access resources on the #VoiceandChoice campaign.

Country action plans

Angola Activists welcome lifting of gay ban
Botswana PP presentation Download Botswana: Separation of powers pillar of democracy

Bots: Decriminalisation of homosexuality welcomed

Eswatini PP presentation Download Violence against key populations must end

Violence infringes on LGBTIQA rights

Malawi PP presentation Download


M&E framework LGBTIQ workshop, participant’s video profile

Fight for LGBTIQ community’s rights

Sexual diversity in Malawi elections

Mauritius PP presentation Download LGBT youth-led advocacy paving the way for LGBT rights


M&E framework LGBTIQ workshop, participant’s video profile

Parents d’enfants LGBTQ: entre acceptation et rejet
Namibia PP presentation Download



M&E framework LGBTIQ workshop, participant’s video profile


Video: LGBTI community calls for respect

Video: MP Agnes Limbo on sexual diversity

Seychelles Download Seychelles: Same sex couples seek right to adopt children

Seychelles: Where are we on promoting LGBTI rights?

Zimbabwe Newsrooms, a safe haven for LGBTI