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The corona pandemic has huge implications for women’s rights and women’s rights organisations. As an organisation, GL pivoted rapidly into #WorkfromHome mode. We are active advocates of safeguarding women’s rights during the pandemic. Our 2020 Barometer will focus on #VoiceandChoice in the time of corona. With support from Amplify Change the Southern African Gender Protocol Alliance and the Centres of Excellence for Gender in Local Government are undertaking public education and awareness on safeguarding women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in our region during this unprecedented global pandemic. We have created and shared a Gender and COVID 19 helpdesk. We have commissioned media articles across the SADC region on the impact of corona on women’s rights. These will be augmented by “I” Stories or first- hand accounts. Follow our What’s New page for unfolding stories on the shadow pandemic of GBV and other pertinent commentary. In South Africa, our GL Cottages and Conferencing Centre is being availed for emergency support in the fight against GBV. In Mauritius, GL’s Safe Haven provides refuge to young women survivors of GBV who are also in lockdown at this time. Through the Women Voice and Leadership Fund, that GL manages on behalf of Global Affairs Canada, we are administering Rapid Response Grants to mitigate the effect of the corona virus on women’s rights in South Africa. This emergency funding is being augmented by UKAID.