Susan Mogari

Susan Mogari

Date: March 27, 2011
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I got to know Gender Links and media literacy through a colleague at an NGO I used to work with, he encouraged me as part of empowering me as I was new on that post. My responsibilities where to train youth at the township of Alexandra, and to publish the training course the organisation offered.

I can say I was ignorant when it came to gender issues. In the first media literacy class we were given newspapers and we did a quick counting of pictures on the newspaper and from that day on I did not read a newspaper the same way again. I used the training I got to impart knowledge to the youth and I think they were transformed from that training. I saw the same reaction from them that I think my facilitator saw from me.

For my final project I did research on why young people read tabloids. I worked with the young people and for the gender training there was so much interaction because of the little media literacy course I did with them. Using a PowerPoint I started working from the media literacy and I published my course with the designs I did which is the skill I got from media literacy. I am a reputable media monitor today because of the training I got from media literacy course.

Susan Mogari is the Media Officer at Gender Links.


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