Vincent O Galatlhwe

Vincent O Galatlhwe

Date: March 27, 2011
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In early 2009, when I was invited to attend a GL workshop on GBV, I was given the full workshop package with some documents to read and that was an eye opening tool for me. The message I got from that was what I have been concerned about for some years: gender and gender relations.

Well, when I got home after the workshop I took stock of the objectives discussed by groups. I just told myself that now I will become a gender activist. The following week I visited the office and asked the office coordinator if I could start volunteering for the office, and she agreed. That was when I started committing myself to be in the office on a daily basis, which I have been doing up to this day. I am very happy to share that I am now in the position of M&E intern.

It gave me the opportunity to engage in all issues of concern in the office and understand more of the issues that affect my society and that could also possibly affect me. My period with GL also helped me to me improve and sharpen my IT skills in the likes of data capturing, uploading M&E tools, media clipping, photo library and other IT related stuff. I am very grateful and thankful to the GL family and want to be with this family in future. GL, I wish you more success and more returns.

Vincent O Galatlhwe – Botswana Monitoring and Evaluation Intern.

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