15 Years of Service

15 Years of Service

Date: March 23, 2016
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Gender Links is Celebrating our 15 Years of Service and hard work by taking a look back at our programmes, honouring our successes and highlighting our impact.  GL has pioneered the civil society campaign on the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development; strengthened the women’s movement in the SADC region, put gender on the media and local government agenda, developed a methodology for measuring gender violence, undertaken pioneering work on empowering women and ending violence. This work is anchored by the 108 media houses and 425 councils that have elected to become Centres of Excellence for Gender. Together these cover 25% of the population of the SADC region, and many millions more through media audiences. Read more about our achievements here.

During this year of celebration, we will be featuring Drivers of Change who are championing gender equality as a result of our work. We will also be featuring emerging entrepreneurs from the empower women, end violence campaign. Our news and blogs will include the staff annual learning journey, in which we reflect on what we have learned, and how we will apply it. You can read more about our most recent work in our annual report. You can become involved by:

Thank you for your support!

25 thoughts on “15 Years of Service”

Simone says:

Interesting work. Well done

GL has inspired Gender and Media in Southern Africa, Tanzania Network – GEMSAT, to stand up and invent a Gender and Media Policy for Community Media in Tz after GL supported GEMSAT to do the same but for Mainstream media. The policy was launched during the WPFD 3rd May this year, the celebration witnessed by the minister responsible for information. We congratulate you for the commendable work.

Kofi says:

Amazing work,you keep inventing and reinventing yourselves despite all the odds. Keep your eyes on the prize. Equality is coming …

Thenjiwe mtintso says:

GL is amazing. Thanks for being there Kofi from its very inception in fact even before it began and being one of its pillars throughout. You are The unsung hero of GL. Congrats .

Magdeline Madibela says:

Congratulations to Gender Links for the good work that continues to positively change the lives of women and girls in Southern Africa! Keep the momentum high! Happy 15 years of service and commitment to Gender Equality!

Sara Hlupekile Longwe says:

Congratulations GenderLinks family, a jewel of macro and micro activism for gender equality and women’s empowerment in the SADC region! Bravo all! Aluta continua! Sara

Emily M. Brown says:

GL’s story needs to be heard because its a courageous and meaningful one. From humble beginnings yet making inroads where few had dared to go. Gender, advocacy and influencing the media are not for the faint-hearted. So proud to be part of the GL family!

Loga Virahsawmy says:

From one woman to a regional organisation working in 15 countries. GL has done it. GL is making a difference in thousands of people’s lives. Survivors have turned into entrepreneurs. The media has changed mind-sets. Councillors are gender aware. 15 years of service and 15 years of changing lives!!! Il faut le faire.

naomi blight says:

Congratulations! Everyone I talk to about GL always mentions what an amazing organisation it is and I feel incredibly proud and happy to have started my career in such an organisation. I wish I could be with you to celebrate.

Fortune Sibanda says:

Great to see you are still going strong and congratulations on your website launch!

Bertha Chiroro says:

I would like to congratulate GL on 15 years of great work and service, makorokoto to GL and to all the staff, past and present for continuing to work conscientiously and continuously in order to bring gender issues to the fore. Once again makorokoto and may all of you enjoy this important day, and may you continue to do the great work that you are doing in lobbying and advocating for Gender Justice. I salute all of you.

Liesl Gerntholtz says:

Many congratulations to GL on this achievement and to you for your vision and dedication.

Danny says:

Wow! The website looks amazing. Congratulations on that and 15 years. I wish I could be there to help you celebrate but it’s a bit too soon for me to be able to pull it off. You’ll be in my thoughts and I look forward to seeing the photos.

Gladys says:

I will not be able to attend GL’s 15th anniversary as I am still in Zimbabwe but congratulations are in order thanks.

Robinah Kapawa says:

Congratulations for 15 years of wonderful accomplishements and milestones in changing lives.

Kathy Matsika says:

Congratulations to Gender Links as you celebrate 15 years of excellence and distinguished service. We are proud of your giant footprints in Southern Africa and internationally.We wish you sll the best for the future as you continue to unpackand impart knowledge on gender. – Kathy Matsika, National University of Science and Technology,

Ntombizodwa Mvududu says:

Thank you for such remarkable hard work. Your existence has changed
lives especially that of women. Congratulations keep on and keep it
up! Anxiously waiting for the barometer!!

Thenjiwe mtintso says:

Wow… 15 years of gender struggles against all odds. Congrats Gender Links… Your story still has to be told. Particular thanks to Colleen .. It definitely was not easy but your commitment to gender equality spurred you on. Gender Equality is near. Phambili.

clever nsaka malawi says:

gender links is indeed going a tremendous job by promoting gender equality in maláwi.congrants

Trevor says:

My sincere congratulations to you and your current and past team Colleen, a magnificent 15 years that has touched and changed the lives of many including myself and my family. A luta continua!

’nuff respect and affection,

My heartfelt congratulations to you for this program of fight for gender and promotion of human rights especially ladies who are mostly abused.

Pinky says:

My humble congratulations to you and your team Colleen. Keep up the great work. I have taken with me all the great lessons and work ethics you have taught me. It makes me feel great and honored to be one of GL beneficiary. Much respect!!


Loveness Jambaya Nyakujarah says:

Congratulations Gender Links on your 15 years of service. You have continued to be a trailblazer on the gender frontier. Hard work never betrays the worker! Keep moving. Proud to have been part of this team! Like a sponge, I absorbed the many lessons learnt.

Amon Lukhele says:

15 years was great and our Organisation was involved since 2013, exposed into various interventions in out country engagements.

dudu says:

can u please send to me the forms for the summit 2016

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