A note from the editor

A note from the editor

Date: December 9, 2010
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Hello everybody, welcome to the November edition!

Where has 2010 gone? We are now planning for our end of year party and office slowdown when many staff go on holiday. As I drove to work, I reminisced about the 2010 World Cup, flags flying on nearly every car and house, it was an exciting time to be in South Africa – what an experience. As with the seasons of life, it came, it passed and now it is just a memory. Events come and go but I am sure each one of us takes something out of every season that passes.

GL has had a good year. In two weeks, we will review our work in 2010: what worked well and what did not. I must say, we should indeed count our blessings as we are always reminded by you know who! We are all alive and well, we have jobs to come to every day and GL is growing stronger and stronger. We are no longer giant footprints but the actual giant.

As I came across the quote of the day, I thought how appropriate it is for the GL family: we have worked hard, hopefully all of us show our true selves at work, and we have had some fun moments, especially at the ED’s birthday and in the many events of our wellness programme.

November has been a hectic month for GL, with our efforts to complete most of the publications and launching the Barometer and GMPS in Mauritius, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The preliminary results of the GBV Indicators study in Gauteng are out and have garnered quite a lot of media attention, sadly because the early results are so upsetting. With the start of the 16 Days, all this leaves GL staff with very full hands.

Happy reading and stay tuned for December news.

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