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Date: November 4, 2010
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September was devoted mostly to an in-depth look at the Millennium Development Goals and a series of stories examining how they are being met – or not – in the region. The Service put out a story from Malawi that highlighted the plight of children who are forced into the workforce because they can’t afford secondary school, a piece about budgeting for the MDGs and a story from Mozambique looking at the huge problem of school girls who are forced to submit to sexual advances from their teachers in order to pass their courses.

October saw the Service move into Gender and Media Summit mode. Several stories went out around issues pertinent to media in Southern Africa and for the week of 11-15 October the commentary service moved to the Birchwood Hotel to produce the Summit newsletter. For three days journalists from throughout the region worked to document the many interesting parallel sessions and daily produce the newsletter. Stories were varied and provocative and can be found on the website. Some of the issues highlighted include the results of the Gender Links Gender and Media Progress Study and the Gender in Media Education Reports.

Finally, October saw the birth of the Gender Links communications department, which will become official from 1 November. Danny Glenwright will take up the role of Communications Manager and will be joined in late November by Mona Hakimi, who will become the Communications Programme Assistant. The department will be responsible for all editing, publications and productions at Gender Links.


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