South Africa

Date: February 2, 2011
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All eyes and ears on the elections
It is 2011 and we are off on high note. The GL team is currently working hard to organise our Second GJLG Summit. It is a gruelling process that takes lots of time to plan, including in the collation of information, scouting for best practices and finally delivering the finished product.
Upcoming local government elections in May will also have a great effect on the core function of the governance programme. There will be different political and administrative champions voted into place and the future seems uncertain right now. Despite the impending changes, we will continue to move forward, planting our seeds for growth and marching along.

2011 is the Year of the Conquerors: we will continue to soldier on, face obstacles, get our hands dirty and still remain the victors. Despite all the challenges that we may face along the way, we will keep moving.

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