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Date: December 7, 2010
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Faides has recovered from malaria and, like a true champion, is back at work and busy. Like all other countries, Zambia is full of activity.

High on the agenda for Faides and her team is successfully hosting 16 Days activities. The planning has finally taken shape and she is busy tying loose ends so that when the campaign kicks off she will be prepared.

It is unfortunate there have been some disruptions in COE work due to political reasons, so it is back to the drawing board for Faides as she is busy negotiating new dates to conduct her workshop. Albert is also busy helping uploading forms on the website.

High hopes to turn 16 Days into 365 Days
By Faides Nsofu
The month of November has been challenging as most Councils have been hit with financial crisis, leading many activities to be suspended.

One exciting activity is the roll-out of the stage three COE workshops. All the Councils in the COE process have shown keen interest and excitement in rolling out the GBV action plan through the 16 Days campaign. All five councils, namely Luanshya, Kapiri, Chingola, Kabwe and Chongwe confirmed that they have never participated in the 16 Days campaign, so this represents a distinctive achievement.

Cyber Dialogues seem to be the favourite among the activities during the campaign as councillors are interested in creating an email address and chatting with other councillors in the region.

All the five councils confirmed their participation and sent their activity plan via fax. This is a good indicator for affirmative action of the GBV action plan to be rolled out at local level as a 365 Days plan.


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