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Monica Juma and Jennifer Klot (cds) GENDER, AND VIOLENCE in Southern Africa ...
HIV/AIDS, Gender, Human Security and Violence in Southern Africa edited by
Monica Juma and Jennifer Klot ...
Notes on the Contributors Monica Juma: Kenyan Ambassador to the African Union,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Jennifer Klot: Senior Advisor, HIV/AIDS, Gender and
Security; Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Geoffrey Setswe: Research
Director ...
Page ii
As a response to these challenges, and to explore the link between gender,
sexual violence and insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa, the Africa Institute of
South Africa (AISA) convened a seminar on 23 July 2009 in Pretoria, South Africa
Page iv
As a region, southern Africa must use its agency to work to halt the spread of
HIV. HIV/AIDS is a security threat, and concrete actions must be taken to
increase prevention education and to integrate mutually reinforcing risk factors
, ...
Page 1
Despite coming from various cultures and backgrounds, men and women in southern
Africa engage in MCP for reasons based on their gender. Men across the region
seek multiple partnerships as an affirmation of self-worth, for stress relief ...
Page 2
The HIV prevalence in sub-Saharan Africa may be partly due to the high incidence
of concurrency.5 The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Think Tank6
held in Maseru during May 2006 concluded that multiple and concurrent ...
Page 10
377 – 391. 19 Hunter, M. 2002. 'The materiality of everyday sex: Thinking beyond
'prostitution''. African Studies 61 (1): pp. 99 – 120. 20 Ibid. 21 Leclerc-
Madlala, S. 2008. 'Age-disparate and intergeneration sex in southern Africa: the ...
Page 42
Women in the region face various physiological, legal, social and economic
disadvantages. In order for any policy discussion to be effective, gender
dynamics must be discussed and understood. In sub- Saharan Africa, southern
Africa ...
Page 43
Adult prevalence exceeds 15 percent in seven sub-Saharan African countries,
namely, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe
,2 which are all in southern Africa. Paradoxically, the region's economic and ...
Page 47
... outlines how the level of discriminatory gender attitudes tends to correlate
with higher HIV/AIDS levels in Swaziland and Botswana. ... especially in
southern Africa, which further increases the complexity of the security sector.
Page 60
'Cultural practices, gender and HIV/AIDS: A study of young women's sexual
positioning in the context of HIV/AIDS in South ... 'Global struggles, local
context: Prospects for a Southern African AIDS Feminism'. In Foller, M. and
Thorn, ...
Page 103
Gender, Human Security and Violence in Southern Africa In the 10 years since the
United Nations Security Council's first resolution on , the pandemic has had far
-reaching implications for human security. In sub-Saharan Africa, ...
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