SA: Women’s Day call for #Vaccine GenderJustice

SA: Women’s Day call for #Vaccine GenderJustice

Date: August 8, 2021
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Johannesburg, 9 August: Women’s rights organisations are calling on President Cyril Ramaphosa to provide sex disaggregated data on vaccine roll out in a campaign launched on Women’s Day.

petition signed by 43 Women’s Voice and Leadership partners calls on the president to “provide sex disaggregated data on vaccine roll out and all COVID-19 statistics in line with the national gender policy, global and regional commitments to understanding the gendered impact of all government endeavours.”

The petition is part of the #VaccineGenderJustice campaign being spearheaded by the civil society organisations. South Africa one of the few countries in the world in which women constitute the majority of those infected and dying of the COVID-19 pandemic. This reflects the deep underlying gender inequalities that fuel the pandemic.

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The petition can be signed on the petitions platform of the community or by going to

2 thoughts on “SA: Women’s Day call for #Vaccine GenderJustice”

Verónica Sapalo says:

A vacina contra a COVID 19 deve abranger todo cidadão incluindo as mulheres nas comunidades rurais com pouco ou sem acesso à informação por limitações de várias ordens.
Os estados Africanos devem providenciar recursos e mecanismos para atingir as minorias étnicas e grupos marginalizados para acesso a vacina e imunização de toda população. Só com este esforço os estados da SADC estariam a contribuir para maior prevenção da pandemia.

Verónica Sapalo says:

Mulheres Africanas unidas pela irradiação da COVID-19 com mais vacinas redução da contaminação e menos mortes em África e no mundo.

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